The joy of the LORD is my strength.


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Dear God,

Thank You for encouraging me tonight. Ah. Heart-melting. :’)

I just received a message from someone You gave me the chance to talk to about three years ago. And now he’s telling me that he is about to enter the ministry. It is my joy, really my joy, to see people walk on the path You have set for them. To witness them answer the calling You entrusted on them. It is my joy, Lord, it is my crown to see people draw closer to You.

They have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back.

Moments like this reminds me why there is no turning back in following You. I see the fruit of my labor. I see the fruit of what You have done in my life. Never in vain. I praise You, Lord. I thank You. I am amazed. Humbled. In my life, be glorified. You alone Jesus, be glorified!

I am really encouraged. To know that I am serving the purpose You have placed in my life. 

I love You, God. You are alive. And You are just sooo wonderful! Your grace, Your love, they never run out. Always enough. More than enough.

I bless and worship, Your holy name. JESUS.

♥ Ish

I just read this in my Facebook inbox. Very powerful. Very encouraging. Ah Lord, nakakatunaw ng puso. :’) You deserve all the glory and praise, Jesus. ♥


I just read this in my Facebook inbox. Very powerful. Very encouraging. Ah Lord, nakakatunaw ng puso. :’) You deserve all the glory and praise, Jesus. ♥


I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today.

—Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps

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Train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

—1 Timothy 4:8

Dear God,

I’ve been praying. My heart has been crying silent prayers. My mind has been whispering unspoken hopes. But have I listened to what You are saying? Am I really seeking Your counsel? Or am I taking these steps in my own way again?

I asked You to lead me, to guide me. But I don’t think I’m taking time to stop and listen to You carefully, intentionally. Forgive me, God, for failing You most of the time.

Thank You for the godly people You blessed me with. They’ve been looking after me. Guiding me as this chapter of my life slowly unfolds. But God, I don’t know exactly what to do. I’ve been wanting to do things the right way. And I don’t want to compromise Your way. But surely, You’re asking me of only one thing. Godliness.

"My princess, if you want it My way, I’d like to remind you that my way is a godly way. Live your life in modesty, purity and discipline. May I always be glorified in your every actions and words. A God-glorifying life is of more value than a list of do’s and dont’s. You’re living by faith and grace. I am here to guide you all the way. Stay closer with Me."

Yes, Jesus.

Your princess,

♥ Ish


It Is Well // Kristene DiMarco + Bethel Music

I can’t stop listening.

Remind me gently, Oh Lord, what it means to have a heart that breaks like Yours; but if it cannot be gentle, I beg that You walk with me in the pain of Your answer, so that I may know not only Your goodness, but also Your face.

—T.B. LaBerge // Thy Will Be Done (via tblaberge)

I know God is faithful and I know that He’s good. Some days that’s all I need to know.

—Kalley Heiligenthal

Hi. :)

I pray that you’ll find yourself rested and secured in God’s love. I pray for peace to wash all your doubts and for faith to overcome all your fears. I pray for God’s word to blossom in your heart and to bear fruit through your actions, words, and choices. I pray that you’ll find yourself courageous despite all uncertainties, taking your confidence from the Lord who goes before you. I pray for passion to keep burning in your heart, for God’s love to continue consuming all of you.. until nothing is left but a wholly surrendered warrior.. with no reservations.
These may be words. But these are my prayers. And I believe God will answer.
Peace and love. :)
♥ Ish

I get tired too, I get really tired. Sometimes I believe the lie that it would be better for everyone somehow if I just stopped, just slept, just was done. The thing I’ve discovered is that the tiredness, just like the moments of ecstasy, will pass. You won’t always feel like this, you wake up, you’ll be high again on this roller coaster we call life, and you’ll hit that low again, too. You just hold on and remind yourself the demons have a demon too, and they only win if you allow it. Don’t allow it.
I’ve been tired lately, I’ve felt perhaps one of the lowest of lows I’ve had in a very long time, which is why I think I needed to answer this… Think of the truth. Remember truth and that’s how you fight, even when you’re too tired. Sleep in a bit, read a book, sing a song that lifts you… drink too much coffee, smoke too many cigarettes, scream in your car, word vomit somewhere or on someone… you will be okay. And when that doesn’t matter enough, remember all the ones who will not be okay, perhaps ever, if you did quit. Sometimes that’s all that keeps us holding on, because let’s be honest, there are times when our very selves isn’t enough. That’s okay. Find whatever thing it is that matters most enough, and tie yourself to the ship. It will pass, it will pass…. it will pass, and you will look back one day and this too-tired moment will be just that, a moment. … and if you didn’t hold on you would never have known another moment, a beautiful one quite the opposite of this. Hold on love. You have a voice and a piece of a puzzle that needs you in it to make a whole picture, you are loved. Please stay.

—Renee Yohe

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If I cannot say with full conviction that the only thing I truly want above all else is to know God for who he is, then I seriously need to rethink my priorities.

—Thought about wants and needs.

63-7 by J.Pitt

63-7 by J.Pitt

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